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Adult dating services kobuk alaska

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These dunes — the largest active sand dunes in the Arctic — along with the smaller Little Kobuk Sand Dunes and Hunt River Sand Dunes create 30 square miles of towering sand that would look more at home in the Sahara than 35 miles above the Arctic Circle.

Over time, the creeping forest has reclaimed most of the once giant sand dunes. Over time, the slow, grinding advance and retreat Married women for sex Newark Delaware the glaciers ground the rocks beneath them into a fine sand which was blown by the wind into the sheltered, ice free Kobuk Valley.

When the glaciers began Slim twenty looking retreat 14, years ago, they left behindacres of rolling sand dunes along the banks of the river. Over time, however, vegetation has reclaimed all but 16, acres of the sand, and continues to slowly eat away at the margins of the dunes.

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These plants stabilize the sand and pave the way for a succession of mosses and algae, lichen and shrubs before the aspen, birch and spruce of the forest take root. s of the caribou herd's migration last long after the caribou have crossed the dunes.

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Black and grizzly bears, wolves, foxes, porcupines and moose call the surrounding woods and tundra their home. It is common to see tracks and other s of their passage in the sand along the edges of the dunes.

Most dramatically, the mighty Western Arctic Caribou Herd passes through Kobuk Valley twice a year on their annual migration to and from their calving grounds north of the Brooks Adult seeking casual sex WI Modena 54755. During the spring and fall, the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes are marked with their hoof prints.

People have lived in Lonely women West Monroe Valley for at least 8, years, primarily on the banks of the fish-filled Kobuk River, but they also relied on the unique landscape of the sand dunes to hunt large animals. Evidence of hunting camps dating back thousands of years dot the edge of the dunes.

Adult dating services kobuk alaska

Today, the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, the largest and most accessible of the three dune fields, is 25 square miles of shifting, golden sand located just a couple of miles south of the Kobuk River, near the eastern Taos ski valley NM sex dating of the park.

Soaring dunes reach feet into the air and even though it is located in the Arctic, summer temperatures can be extreme, reaching degrees.

Visiting the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes is an unforgettable experience, but it is important to make sure to be well prepared for a backcountry excursion and respectful of Native inholdings and local subsistence practices.

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