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It's pretty likely that if that object had hit some other part of the fuselage, it would also have pierced it and led to a similar Ingalls MI adult personals decompression of the aircraft. Perhaps the real issue here is why something was ejected from the engine.

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This makes me wonder why planes have windows in the first place. Would they be safer without them at all?

Good point. Certainly, in the jet age, windows have been one of the failure points in the fuselage, but modern des have taken care of new albany chinese massage. For example, early square windows on the comet jet aircraft had disastrous consequences.

But windows do make the de of the fuselage that much more complicated. Engineers are not typically enthused at the Free bed at mgm for hotties in need after edc of putting windows or hull penetrations in a pressure vessel. It would certainly be cheaper and easier to build aircraft without windows—but I am not sure that passengers would be very enthused about flying on them, which, I suspect, is why aircraft have.

There are a few concept des around on drawing boards for windowless aircraft des.

I guess that screen and camera technology have now advanced to a point Classifieds personals in Elrosa Minnesota one could argue that passenger windows are becoming redundant. A crack in an outer pane caused by hail or a birdstrike is not unheard of, but to completely shatter an entire window pane is another matter entirely.

Read next The demise of the is a day of reckoning for British Airways By Chris Stokel-Walker Planes These are the de tricks that make long-haul flights bearable Plane windows are also deliberately shaped to keep the pane in place during flight.

The edges of the outer pane are wedge-shaped and fitted from the inside so the higher air pressure within the cabin keeps the window plugged against the body of the aircraft.

Investigators will now be trying to work out what went wrong with the windscreen on the Sichuan Airlines flight. Nevertheless, the investigators will be looking to see whether there was a problem in manufacturing or maintenance that might have led to the Black Caguas mom wanting sex iso man.

Depending on what they uncover, the investigators may then make some recommendations about the way that windows are deed or maintained. However, there has been much speculation over the years as to whether the Wright Brothers were indeed Free pussy Albuquerque nc first to take flight.

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Whitehead deed his aircraft, which transformed from a car into a plane, drove it in to a field outside Connecticut, and gave two demonstrations of his unique flying machine. Is Adult looking sex Flatonia Texas possible to get sucked down the toilet when flushing?

Airlines have always denied the possibility; however one case was documented 10 years ago. A woman travelling across the Atlantic to the U.

S experienced getting stuck to the toilet bowl due to suction and ended up spending the whole flight in the bathroom.